Britney Spears’ Open Letter To Son Jayden After His Comment On Her Mental Health

Britney Spears’ Open Letter To Son Jayden After His Comment On Her Mental Health

Britney Spears' Open Letter To Son Jayden After His Comment On Her Mental Health

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Britney Spears shared an open letter addressing her son Jayden James Federline. Britney’s extensive note came after her son’s comment on his mother’s mental health in a recent interview. According to Daily Mail, Jayden said in an interview that he has “no hate” for his mother and added, “I 100% think this can be fixed. It’s just going to take a lot of time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better I really want to see her again,” Jayden said. He also revealed why he and his brother Sean Preston, missed their mom’s June wedding to Sam Asghari. “At the time it just wasn’t a good time to go. I’m not saying that I’m not happy for her. I’m really happy for them, but she didn’t invite the whole family and then if it was just going to be me and Preston, I just don’t see how that situation would have ended on good terms.”

Reacting to her son’s statement. Britney Spears wrote about her struggles during the controversial guardianship that kept her primarily under her father’s control for years. “I’ve tried my best at being the best person I can be… To be basically held hostage in homes under nurses and b******* I hope my kids one day understand my reasoning of my play in water revealing myself as any woman would being held under blankets and supervision under the conservatorship,” wrote Britney.

A Los Angeles judge in November 2021 dissolved the conservatorship long overseen by the singer’s father. Addressing her conservatorship, Britnry wrote: “Finally at 40 without the restraints of what my family did to me I say to my son Jayden that I send all the love to you in the world everyday for the rest of my life.” Expressing her love for her children, Britney wrote: “My love for my children has no boundaries and it deeply saddens me to know his outcry of saying I wasn’t up to his expectations of a mother and maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk about this openly. Maybe dear child you can explain to me why our family would do that to anyone.”

Referring to Jayden’s father and her former husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears wrote: “I helped your father, who hasn’t had a job in 15 years…I assume it is easier for you guys to not have someone check on you to make sure you are doing your homework. I am sure the standards of your dad smoking weed everyday benefits your daily life at 15 to partake in a very cool generation. I completely understand your need to live with your father as I had to play the perfect role for 15 years for absolutely nothing.”

Britney sent her love to son Preston, who did not make any statement publicly and she wrote: “I’m so happy I was able to carry 4 tours, judge X Factor and way more. I did that for you and Preston…I’m aware of your gift. I know you are a teacher in my life and dear child, I’m a teacher for you as well. It’s horrible to see your dad be a hypocrite and say the media is horrible yet he has you talking about personal matters to them. If you could pause for a second, remember where you came from. I hope you can look in the mirror and remember… You are my child and always will be. Since Preston didn’t speak, I send my love. I would love nothing more than to see you two face to face. Keep playing your gift on the piano. You and your brother are both brilliant and I am so proud to call you both mine.”

Britney Spears signed off the note by addressing the the mental health comment made by Jayden. She wrote: “As for my mental health, my dear child understand you must learn to pick up a book and read one before you resort to even thinking about questioning my intellect sweetheart. Tell your father to go try and at least mow the lawn. Pss if you can honestly sit back and say with your sensible brilliant mind what memaw and pawpaw did to me was fine and call them.. Not bad people… Then yes I have failed as a mother and hopefully that’s a chat for you and your father to sit face to face and try to learn what’s good.”

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Britney Spears met Sam Asghari in 2016 when they co-starred in a music video for her single Slumber Party. After announcing their engagement late last year, the couple got married in June this year. Britney had also announced her pregnancy earlier this year, which ended in a miscarriage.

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