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Welcome to the dynamic, counter-punching Pirc Defense. A sound, fighting defense that will give you many enjoyable chess games. Gain a deeper understanding of this hypermodern opening by learning the ideas and strategies for both sides in the Pirc Defense. Arguably, White’s most aggressive option is the Austrian Attack (4.f4), but do not underestimate the … Read more

Betcha Can’t Solve This #Chess Puzzle! 64

Posted bychessmusingsApril 18, 2022April 18, 2022Posted inBetcha Can’t Solve This, chess, Chess Homework, Chess Puzzles, Herbert AhuesTags:Ahues chess, Betcha Can’t Solve This, Checkmating, chess, chess composer, Chess Homework, chess problems, Chess Puzzles, difficult checkmating puzzles, difficult chess, FIDE chess compositions, German chess composers, GM chess composers, Grand Master of Chess Composition, hard chess puzzles, Herbert … Read more

Kingpin Chess Magazine » Deep Bloke, Shallow Book

Fred Reinfeld The Man Who Taught America Chess, with 282 Games Alex Dunne 194 pages | Softback | Bibliography, Indexes | $45.00 Jefferson: McFarland, 2018 Tim-Jake Gluckman This biography of Fred Reinfeld (1910-1964) covers the chess life of an outstanding producer (writing, editing, ghosting and translating) of over 100 books on chess, and more than … Read more

Chess For Everyone National Organizer – Batch 1 F (18-20 Feb ,2022)

Sixth Batch (1F)  of National Organizer  Seminar scheduled to start from  18-20 Feb 2022,Kindly  find the  Guidelines  for your ready reference . Guidelines: 1.All the participants are requested to rename your zoom id by his/her name before joining the seminar. 2.Kindly join with proper internet connection to avoid any interruption . 3.Please login at least 30 minutes before … Read more