Gukesh Youngest Ever To Win Candidates Tournament, Tan Wins Women's By 1.5 Points

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After 14 rounds and over three weeks of play, 17-year-old GM Gukesh Dommaraju won the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament and is the youngest player in history to qualify for the FIDE World Championship. He will play GM Ding Liren for the world title later this year.

In an almost six-hour game, GM Fabiano Caruana was unable to finish off a winning position against GM Ian Nepomniachtchi to make it to tiebreaks. With a draw in that game, Gukesh’s draw against GM Hikaru Nakamura was enough to advance.

GM Tan Zhongyi won the 2024 FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament by a 1.5-point margin after leading the tournament almost the entire way through. She had a winning position against GM Anna Muzychuk, but a draw was enough to secure the tournament. She will play GM Ju Wenjun in the next FIDE Women’s World Championship.

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Standings – Candidates

Standings – Women’s Candidates


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Women’s Candidates:

You can watch video recaps of the Candidates in our playlist below (click here).

How to watch?
You can watch the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament on Chess24’s YouTube and Twitch, and the 2024 Women’s FIDE Candidates on’s YouTube and Twitch. The games can also be followed from our Events Page.

The FIDE Candidates Tournaments are among the most important FIDE events of the year. Players compete for the right to play in the next FIDE World Championship match against current World Chess Champions GMs Ding Liren and Ju Wenjun.

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