Know About The Technical Meeting Of Chess Tournament – 2022

Know About The Technical Meeting Of Chess Tournament – 2022

The technical meeting of chess tournament – Definition and importance

What is a Technical meeting?

Technical Meeting means the meeting held before any chess Tournament. Who attended by the players of the participating tournament and tournament technical delegates. Where the Technical Delegate presents Competition details and other relevant content or information.

Technical Meeting also known as “Player’s Meeting”

Meeting Purpose

A technical meeting purpose is to inform participants about tournament schedule. It helps participants understand why they need to attend technical meeting.
In this article, we explain what a meeting purpose means.
Differences between a purpose and an goal, and outline how to set a meeting’s purpose.
Setting a clear and direct purpose can also guide you on what you want to discuss.

A technical meeting is an important organizational tool used for the following purposes:

Number of Tournament Participant

Technical meeting provides How many participants participated in tournament.

Total Number Of Round

Technical meeting provides knowing how many rounds would playing in the tournament

Pairing Software

Technical meeting provides which software have used in tournament for pairing

Time Control

Technical meeting provides us how much time is providing for each player to play the game.


The technical meeting provides which tie breaks would use in the tournament. Usually As per AICF Rules & Regulations following tie-breaks in use.

1) Buchholz Cut 1

2) Buchholz All

3) Sonneborn-Berger

4) Direct Encounter

5) Greater no. of victories (Including lose).

6) No. of wins with Black Pieces.

If In case of all tie-break are same, the result would be decide with Armageddon match.

Illegal Move:

Technical meeting provides how many illegal move and penalties used for that tournament.

Generally illegal moves counting and their penalties as per follows,

a. 1st illegal penalized according to FIDE Article 12.9

b. 2nd Illegal straight lose the game.

a.1 All the moves handling the chess clock should be with one hand only.

a.2 Pressing Clock without playing move will be count an illegal move and penalized as per “The Laws of Chess”.

Important rules for participant

Apart from that, some important rules for participated player’s as follows.

Mobile / Electronic Device:

As per AICF’s Guidelines, Any type of electronic device are not allowed for player in the playing arena.

But if player have, then he should keep in a separated bag only (not on table). If found, then the player lost his game point.

Withdrawal (Removal From Pairing):

In the absence of any round without prior inform, the Player name remove for remaining rounds.

Discussion / Analysis:

As long as the game is in progress, a player may talk only to an Arbiter or to the opponents as permitted by “The Laws of Chess”. Analysis is not allowed in the playing hall / playing Arena.


Spectators are not allowed in the playing arena.

Players who finished their game considered as spectators.

Important responsibility for participated player’s

Apart from that, some important responsibility for participated player’s as follows.

  • All Players’ responsibility to check the following details.
  • If any kind of changes in that particular column, inform arbiter immediately.
  • Player should check their Name with spelling.
  • Player should check their FIDE_ID.
  • A player should check their FIDE rating.
  • Player should check their Date Of Birth.
  • Player should check their District/ State/ Country.
  • A Player should check their Category.
  • Player should check their Gender (Sex).
  • Women players, must check the letter ‘F / W’ mention or not in sex column.
  • All age category players (e.g. U8, F8, U11, F11, U14, F14& S60) need to check category mention correct or not.
  • Due to sending list for certificate, no any kind of change make after 2nd round.
  • Players have been when submitting results “Both player have to come.”
  • All players should don’t put their water bottle on the table, put it down and near to the table.