The Sligo Spring Tournament 2022

I have not traced the full history of chess in Sligo—I’d be interested if anyone can shed light on this—but it goes back at least as far as 1912, when the Leinster Express announced a 10-board correspondence match between Queen’s County and Sligo County Chess Clubs. Except for an Irish Junior Championship held here a few years ago, though, I’m not aware of any tournaments there.

This gap has now been filled with the inaugural Sligo Spring Tournament, taking place this weekend at the Clayton Hotel, involving 128 players across three sections. Live boards are available for all games in the FIDE-rated Masters, and Diana Mirza is providing live commentary. A report on the Masters has been commenced here, and will be updated over the weekend.

Round 1: On board 1, it looked as though S. Anand Kumar, though putting up stubborn resistance against top seed Alexnader Baburin, would come up short in an ending. His efforts were rewarded, however, when Baburin, very uncharacteristically for him, erred in the ending, and the game ended in a draw. Elsewhere, the new Irish U12 champion Jason Liu also drew against Sergio Esteve Sanchez. The other games went with seeding.

The game of the round was the in-form Jacob Flynn’s win against Leon Putar. In the diagrammed position, he now played 18. Rxe6!. It would have been interesting to see his continuation after 18… Kxe6: though 19. Bh6 and 19. Qb3 are winning, and 19. Qd3 is much better for White, the most accurate move seems to be 19. Qa4!! (19… fxg5 20. Bxd5+!). Black played 18… Rxe6 instead and lost in short order.

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