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On April 24 we will publish three new books in hardcover. Turbo-Charge Your Tactics 1 and Turbo-Charge Your Tactics 2 are of course sister volumes, by GM Oleksiyenko and IM Grabinsky. You can read an excerpt of Turbo 1 here and an excerpt of Turbo 2 here. I was one of the proofreaders, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I can promise they are full of amazing chess. These books will be both good for your chess and fun to read. Learn Chess 

The third book on April 24 will be 1000 Chess Problems by Yakov Vladimirov. You can read an excerpt here. I will outsource the verdict on this book to the World Champion of Endgame Studies Composing: “1000 Chess Problems is excellent and the commentary to the solutions has just the right mix of education and entertainment. The book can be opened on any random page and you will be sure to find pure gold from the treasuries of chess compositions.” – Steffen Nielsen

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